Bayantel Wireless Sucks

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A month after terminating their services, Bayantel is still giving me headaches.

I just received another bill from them. When I called customer service, a kind lady told me that their Cubao bayanCENTER has not forwarded any information as to my request for disconnection. This is after I sent the center a letter and called customer service on the same day to inform them of my decision to terminate their services. Good thing that I have a received copy of my letter.

They now want me to go back to their Cubao bayanCENTER to confirm my termination request. WHY THE HELL WILL I DO THAT? I already did what I had to do. I've broken up with Bayantel. Why will I go meet him again to remind him that it's over. IT'S OVER BAYANTEL! You've ripped me off long enough.

Misery loves company. I am not alone. Darrel James writes, "I am not the only one that BayanTel has ripped off with this. A lot of people have been complaining and returning their units and giving up their subscriptions. The ratio could be 9 out of 10 users are not satisfied. They are making money with their P500 processing fee instead of their actual monthly service fee." (Read full article here)

I wonder how Bayantel can still be in business. We victims should do something about this.

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