The Terminator: Sample Termination Letter

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Express your dissatisfaction! Complain! Terminate!

Below is the termination letter I am sending my wireless phone provider. Their service sucked from Day 1 but it took me more than a year to decide to terminate their services because I was too lazy to draft a termination letter.

25 May 2009

***** CENTER
[Insert the company address here]

Re : Notice of Termination of Line

Gentlemen: [I am seething mad. I don't have time to be gender sensitive.]

I am Mrs. G, the subscriber of telephone number 02******* with ***** Wireless Account No. *********. I am terminating my account effective immediately.

The unit I was given have not worked properly from the very beginning. If you check my account usage, you will notice that I rarely made or received any calls. My number is always busy or cannot be reached even if I am not using it. It takes almost 15 seconds before my call is connected, if ever it is connected.

Last week, I sent my phone unit to your center. My representative was told that I could either pay P3,000 for the repair of the unit or pay P799 for a replacement. I called your customer service center to request for the waiver of the replacement fee but it was flatly refused.

Since I could easily get a brand new unit from **** for the same amount it would cost to get a replacement from *****tel, I decided to terminate my account with you and open another one with ****.

While I am paying my current bill (May 2009), I am terminating my account immediately because I am dissatisfied with your service. I expect not be charged henceforth.

Mrs. G


(Name and Signature)

Date: ____________________

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Mai da Paypay said...

exagg talaga when companies do poorly sa customer service. they don't realize what kind of sale they lose when they forget how important customer service is. ang loser loser naman ng provider na to!

Abigail said...

Some great info here. You have been publishing some interesting posts recently!

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