New Year Chores: Quarterly Mold and Moisture Check

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Damp and humid weather is conducive to mold growth. While the mold toxins may not kill you, it can cause nasty allergic reactions such as irritated eyes, nasal congestion and headaches.

With molds, prevention is the key. You can never let your guard down. Constant vigilance is required. Check and clean your cabinets at least once every quarter.


  • Flashlight
  • Bleach Spray (I am using diluted Domex)
  • All-Purpose Cleaner Spray (I am using diluted dishwashing liquid)
  • Rags
  • Moisture Absorbers
  • Silica Gels
  • Industrial Fan
  • Moth Balls

Clockwise: (1) Dehumidifier from Japan Home; (2) Used Dehumidifier; (3) Neopara (moth balls); (4) Sachets from Gourdo's


Check all your rooms, cabinets and drawers for mold and moisture patches. Use a flashlight to inspect the dark corners. Don't forget to check the cabinet ceiling.

Examine your leather items carefully. Molds love real leather so you better check your designer bags, shoes and belts. I've noticed that if there's leather in the cabinet, they will ignore the pleather.


SPRAY AND WIPE. The best way to kill molds is by spraying them with a bleach solution. Clean the area with an all-purpose cleaner then spray with bleach. DO NOT use bleach on leather.

For items made of leather, click here for instructions -- How to Clean Mold from Leather.

DRY. Make sure the area is dry before returning the clothes inside the cabinet. I used an industrial fan to dry the cabinets.


Prevent further build up by putting moisture absorbers and silica gels in the area. I also put Neoprana (it smells like moth balls) in small sachets and hang them inside the cabinet.

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Toni said...

Great reminder! :)


Jennifer L Price said...

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, mold seems to be a problem in our new apartment (uggh--I didn't know that was something to check for/ask about beforehand!) and this information is just what we needed.

Kelly @ Wisdom Begun said...

Those are great tips. Thanks for sharing with us. Mold is a nasty problem.

abogadangwaray said...

when we got back to the office after the 2-week congress break, molds were growing in all of the modular dividers! ewww... i was sneezing like crazy & demanded for a general clean-up from the janitors. i think they need to re-upholster everything though because the cloth used is supposed to be anti-bacterial and mold-resistant (or something).

Mrs. G said...

@abogadangwaray - GOOSEBUMPS!!! They should give you hazard pay. Hahaha.

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