How to Get Birth and Marriage Certificates: Ms. R to Mrs. G

Friday, January 9, 2009

Do you want a copy of my marriage certificate?

I've been married only two years but I've already submitted more than 15 copies of my marriage certificate to various private and government offices. These copies are all printed on security paper and issued by the National Statistics Office. If I include the ones I gave to companies and agencies that only required photocopies, the number will increase to around 30.

Some agencies and offices that required my marriage certificate:
1. Social Security System
2. PhilHealth
3. Land Transportation Office - Driver's License Renewal/Change of Name
3. Banks (6)
4. Embassies - Visa Applications (6)
5. Department of Foreign Affairs - Passport Renewal

The official transition from Ms. R to Mrs. G was and is not that easy.



You can order the documents you need from or Pilipinas Teleserv, Inc.

E-Census is managed by the National Statistics Office while Teleserv is run by a private company. From my experience, both are very reliable. I tried E-Census for my husband's birth certificate and Teleserv for my passport renewal.


  • Type-in the data in their website
  • Pay the fee in any of the accredited banks
  • Delivery within 5 to 9 days (Processing - 3 working days; Delivery - 2 to 6 working days)
  • PRICE: P315 for Birth or Marriage Certificate and P415 for Certificate of Non-Marriage
  • Call the hotline (737-1111) and dictate the necessary information to the agent
  • Pay the fee in any of the accredited banks or through Bancnet
  • Delivery within 4 working days (from date of payment)
  • PRICE: P330 for Birth or Marriage Certificate and P430 for Certificate of Non-Marriage
I personally prefer Teleserv's services even if they are slightly more expensive than E-census. I like the fact that I can call them 24/7 to follow-up my order. They will also deliver your documents in just 4 working days.

  • Go to any of the NSO Satellite Centers (Check the list here --Satellite Centers)
  • Submit your application form (Download the forms here -- Forms)
  • Pay the fee
  • Get the documents within 2-3 hours
  • PRICE: P140 for Birth or Marriage Certificate
M, one of my household crew, went to NSO this morning to get copies of my marriage (4 copies) and birth (2 copies) certificate. At P140 each, that's only P840! Compare that to the P1,980 I would have spent if I ordered them online. I was also able to get the documents on the same day.

  • Print-out and fill-up the forms (download them online) before going to the NSO office.
  • If you will be sending a representative to get your birth certificate, make sure that person is armed with your authorization letter and your I.D.
  • Ask your representative to bring his or her own I.D. too.
09 January 2009

Office of the Civil Registrar General
National Statistics Office
East Avenue, Quezon City

Dear Sir/Madame:

I am Mrs. G, the owner of the birth certificate and marriage certificate being requested by M. I am authorizing Ms. M to request and receive the said documents in my behalf.

Attached to this letter is a photocopy of a valid I.D. bearing my photograph and signature. The original of the said I.D. is with Ms. M for your verification.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. G


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I'm so glad I kept my name...

SASSY MOM said...

that's a good info to share.

The burden of changing your surname. hehehe. I did the same way back.

Happy weekend!

Talksmart said...

Hi. This blog is nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week award (week 143). YOu may visit the site and vote.

witsandnuts said...

Nice share, Mrs. G! =)

Mrs. G said...

@Talksmart - WOW! Thanks for the info.

Jane Doe said...

I know what you mean about supplying documentation. I am on disability and everyone in the world wants a copy of my SSI award letter. I make like 20 copies of it to send out every year. It's a pain.

Heidi said...

I'm going to NSO tomorrow to get a copy of my Marriage Certificates... hopefully, like you I'd be able to get them right away.

GAGAY said...

hop..hop..hop..Dropping by here..sniffing new infos and parking for a while..i also dropped EC and kissed your ads..

Hope to see you at mine! Take care!


jacqueline said...

Utterly amazing! I haven't had to present mine as often.

Rocks said...

I can relate :) Hubby has been to the NSO office for so many times since we got married for our Marriage Certificate. Why in the world they need originals printed in Security paper? and mind you it's not cheap di ba?

Mom's Cafe Home Cooking said...

Ah the fun of changing your surname!

I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Lemonade Award. This award is given for inspirational qualities, great attitude and decor of the blog. I do hope you will accept. You can pick-up your award at Mom's Cafe Home Cooking

Renz said...

Hi Plurkmate,

thanks for the tips. I downloaded the application form, I'll be off to NSO tom ;)

princess_dyanie said...

Lucky me coz we have NSO satellite office across our village! Plus I know the staff there so I don't have to fall in line hehe :)

Mrs. G said...

@princess_dyanie - LUCKY YOU!!! Maybe I should call you next time I need more birth and marriage certificates. HAHAHA :)

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

I hate dealing with government things--it's such a hassle.

carlamaldita said...

a year after being married and i still haven't changed all my IDs to Mrs...super abala!

Edgar Allan said...

your blog is so helpful ! thank a lot !

Christine said...

I share your bureaucratic pain. Neither of my parents was born in the U.S. But I was. Uncle Sam cares about that, apparently.

Jane said...

I haven't changed all of my papers to my married name yet, save for my passport... too much hassle! :)

carlo said...

salamat sa pagshare..
tanong ko lang po, di ba po pwede din kumuha sa NSO sa may sta. mesa?

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the info. But how about just renewing the expired postal ID, do we need to go through the whole process all over again?

Thanks again.


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