Morbid Thoughts: Living Will

Monday, November 3, 2008

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Talks on Death

Me: If I die first, I don't want any fanfare. Just cremate me. It's cheaper. (Kuripot hanggang kamatayan.)

Husband: Me too. I want to be cremated immediately. No viewing. No wake.

Me: What if your family wants a wake?

Husband: Tell them I don't want one.

Me: What?! That will be difficult given the circumstances.

Husband: Just tell them.

Me: Bah! You're dead anyway. I'll do what they want.
Remember the Terri Schiavo case? She suffered severe brain damage and was only kept alive by a feeding tube. Claiming that it was her wish not be be kept on life support if there's no hope for improvement, Terri's husband petitioned the court for the removal of the tube. This petition was vehemently opposed by Terri's parents and the case dragged on for around 7 years.

I don't want to put my husband in the same position if something like that happens to me. I am publicly declaring now that I DO NOT WANT TO BE KEPT ON LIFE SUPPORT IF THERE IS NO HOPE FOR IMPROVEMENT.

I surfed the net and found some samples of Living Wills. I want my husband and I to make one. One day of morbid planning will save us all the trouble in the event that one of us dies first. In the perfect world, we die at the same time.

According to Eternal Reefs, a good End-Of-Life plan consists of 4 documents.
  1. Advanced Directives
  2. Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
  3. Final Directives
  4. Last Will and Testament
The Last Will and Testament takes care of your estate. The first three documents contain your dying wishes.

Do you want to be kept on life support? Do you want to donate your organs? Do you want to be cremated? Do you want to ban Malaysian Mums (this is a type of flower, not mommies from Malaysia) from your wake?

Morbid thoughts...

Will you be making your own Living Will soon?

Note: This is not a paid post. I do not endorse Eternal Reefs. However, their End-Of-Life Planning page is really helpful.


Enchie said...

My husband and I was just talking about it sometime last month. Same points and views. It sure nice you made a post about it.

Yen said...

Rocky and I were just talking about this also-- pretty much the same stuff (cremation, no extraordinary life support). We talked about where we wanted our ashes to be placed and my only additional request was that he had to make sure there were masses offered for my soul.

I think it's a good idea to prepare the living will (and other docs) :-D

witsandnuts said...

The four documents is pretty much a must. I laughed on this: Bah! You're dead anyway. I'll do what they want. =)

Mai da Paypay said...

hee hee hee. i want to do this but i don't think i can just yet. i was bred in a very superstitious environment. but soon i will overcome this and when i do, i will definitely follow those four morbid thingamajigs

The Wifey Diaries said...

hubby and I have discussed this, as well. My parents have discussed this with us, as it is always better to be sure and ready. Thanks for the post!

Mrs. G said...

We're really doing it for the ones who'll be left behind. Less stress for them in time of grief.

Ibyang Sanchez said...

i would like to do something like this soon, probably when things are more stable here in Sydney (we're just moved to our lovenest recently).

just to share a personal experience relating to this: when i had a cancer scare about 5 years ago, right after I had my operation, I invested in insurance--my mum was horrified (and i cannot blame her) but I stood my ground and did it coz as scary as it may seem, death is inevitable and I want that my loved ones will be provided for after I'm gone (plus the fact that I don't want them looking for money just to bury me hahaha).

and now that I'm married, I've talked to husband about this--that i would like to "settle" things JUST IN CASE and I've pointed out that it is never too early to be ready. I'm happy he agreed and that he was also as practical as I am.

have a nice day Mrs. G.

SHIELA said...

me too. i don't want to live anymore if i will be a "lantang gulay" na. about cremation i think more cheaper esp. for us who are in abroad :)

Melissa Erickson said...

I just passed on awards to you. Have a great day!

Batibut said...

oist! kinalibutan ako dito... tapos natawa ako dun sa "bah you're dead anyway..." crazy!

pano na yung walang asawa? kanino kami magbibilin? ako gusto ko lahat ng lalapit sa ataol ko sh-shot! :D

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