7 Random Facts About Me

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I've been tagged by Amy (http://artsyfartsyfooladi.blogspot.com).

Here are 7 facts about Mrs. G that are probably not known to many.

1. I heart HELLO KITTY.

2. I am a closet fag hag. (Hi, JJ!)
3. I can eat a whole doughnut in two bites. (Hi, MM!)
4. I make party spaghetti whenever I feel like it (which is sometimes as often as 2x a week). My party spaghetti is cooked with banana ketchup and cocktail hotdogs.
5. I am a natural-born detective (a.k.a. snoop, stalker).
6. My favorite color is pink.
7. I like staying at home. (No, I don't get bored.)

I now tag http://www.maidapaypay.com/ and http://baglove.blogspot.com/.


pusa said...

i heart hello kitty too!!! :)

Mai da Paypay said...

hooray!!! i love this! thanks for the taaaag!

ooooooohhhhhh i'm a sanrio maniac. i used to dream that I was one of the characters in little twin stars(LTS). i had LTS scotch tape, LTS chair, LTS notebooks, LTS pens...you name it, i had it in LTS! haha :-) it's sad I was already in high school when Liza Frank reached Iloilo City :-P

Mrs. G said...

@pusa and mai - Hello Kitty rules!

@mai - Have you seen the new Liza Frank binder?! I want to go back to HS just for that.

Mai da Paypay said...

yes, yes, yes, i hover in toy stores if only to drool on LF loots. i bought a small organizer recently but ended up giving it as a gift because I got conked in the head and woke up to the fact that I might go on a collection frenzy due to past deprivation and I don't really need that right now. I have enough obsession to all things Star Wars and I have yet to buy a life-size voice-command R2D2. Whew, that was long. hehe. (OMG I hope you're not scared of me, I'm actually just a teeny-weeny bit crazy and can go on for hours just typing nonsense).

Naku, in HS all of my cutesy-patootsie stuff got buried in my sheets of lab reports. Liza Frank got dethroned by Marie Curie. haha :-P

Kat@MotherFonker said...

oh my, Missus G, i am #1234,67. im too careless to be a no.5.

just a little switcheroo on 1 and 2. I'm an all-out fag hag, and a closet hello quickie lover:-)

Good morning!

imom said...

The kids love party spaghetti too - pero we use the del monte pinoy style spag sauce. We have it about once a week hehe.
Pareho tayo sa # 5 LOL.

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