Dirty Handbags

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

(Mrs. G enters the bedroom)

Wow! Fresh bed sheets.

"Psycho" theme plays in the background. Mrs. G looks to the right.)

Shriek! Why is my bag on the bed? And it's beside my pillow!

Mrs. G faints.)
Whoever put it there has absolutely no idea how dirty that bag is.

I have this bad habit of putting my bag on ANY floor, including public restrooms. I would prefer not too but it is sometimes unavoidable especially with the current condition of most of the public restrooms in Manila. No hooks!

Well, you think your handbag is cleaner than mine? Think again.
Microbiologist Amy Karen of Nelson Laboratories says nearly all of the handbags they tested were not only high in bacteria, but high in harmful kinds of bacteria.
Here are some tips on keeping your bags germless:
  • Use wipes (preferably the disinfecting kind) to clean the outer surface of your bag when you get home.
  • Bring your own bag hook when you go out so that you won't be forced to put your bag on the floor or any other dirty surface.
  • Refrain from putting your bag on surfaces where you know food is served or prepared.
  • Apply the same rules to briefcases, backpacks and gym bags.
Reference: Health Desk and Today


Toni said...

eeek. my bags are probably really dirty. i have a bad habit of putting it on the floor during meetings. rawr. i should spray it with lysol. if i use wipes, i'd probably scrub it too hard. not sure how my bags would react to the alcohol.

Hails said...

Napraning naman ako sa post na ito! I usually put my handbags on my bed and I never clean them. Will remedy that asap.

Btw, my Coach bag (the cloth part) has a stain. I don't know what caused it. Any idea how I can get it out?

Mrs. G said...

@hails - You really have to find out what stained it. Did you try smelling it? Hahahaha!

If you feel brave, try hydrogen peroxide. Dab a small amount with a cotton ball then dry immediately with tissue paper.

Tina ツ said...

I sprayed Lysol on my handbags right after reading this. I know how dirty they are reason why I never put them near our bed. We use Lysol all the time but I never thought of using it on my handbags. Thanks for the tip!

witsandnuts said...

This is very helpful. Though I don't put my bags just anywhere, I still think some have accumulated dirt along the way. =)

The Wifey Diaries said...

Is that a Longchamp bag I see there? Hehe... Thanks for the tip!

Mrs. G said...

@The Wifey Diaries - Yup! It's a Longchamp, Le Pliage. I haven't changed my bag in months. I love, love, love it!

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