Holiday Planning: Don't Forget Halloween (Week 5)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Photo by Karoli

Holiday Tasks for the Week (5 to 11 October):

1. Continue Shopping

  • Shop! I'm done with my Christmas decor shopping. I can now focus on the Christmas gifts.
  • Buying a few items every week is easier on the pocket compared to buying everything in one shopping trip (hopefully not the 24th of December). One exception would be if you're buying in Divisoria.
  • Shopping early prevents impulse and pressure buys.
2. Prepare for Halloween
  • Don't forget Halloween!
  • Prepare your candies and decorations.
  • Start shopping for costumes.
3. Buy/Order/Reserve "Must-Have" Toys
  • Research. Know what the kids will want for Christmas. I'm betting they are not clothes.
  • Excited moms and dads are already ordering the "it" toys. Don't be left behind.
4. Organize Your Closet
  • When I was a kid, Christmas means new clothes.
  • Make room for a new wardrobe by throwing out or donating unused and outdated clothes.
Note: I'm following the holiday planning schedule of Cynthia Townley Ewer. Check out her website -- Organized Christmas. She just posted great tips on Halloween planning.


Liz said...

Great suggestions and great post on the blog

imom said...

Your blog is making me panic, mrs.G! I haven't bought a single gift for my list. Heck, there is no list to start with.... hahahha... Okay, I will read your tips. I'm sure they will be very helpful. :)

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