Wardrobe Inventory: Sweaters

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Photo by Lisa Dusseault



The Lucky Shopping Manual suggests the following:


2 Fitted Pullovers for Work
2 Cardigans
1 Black Turtleneck
2 Weekend Sweaters


1 Evening Sweater
1 Vintage Sweater
More Weekend Sweaters


I have too many sweaters! Good thing I did this inventory because I almost shopped for more in Zara yesterday.

Fold Marks -- I've noticed that my sweaters are developing fold marks because of long-term non-use. I need to find a better way to fold and store them.


Batibut said...

One day, I will make a list of all these clothes. Check it against whats in my closet... and if you promise that that will be the end of any need to ever go shopping again. I will buy everything that isn't in my closet yet...

come with? ;-P

witsandnuts said...

Aaw, I badly need to do an inventory. Especially that winter is coming.

padlockposer said...

Wait.... just how many lists of Must Haves does this book have? Also, I assume it is for the US market... some items are just not appropriate for tropical weather.

But the bottom line is... just how much of a MUST is MUST HAVE? Really. Much as I do enjoy the good stuff, we really just buy too much. Really.

Mrs. G said...

@padlock poser - Go to WARDROBE INVENTORY

I actually tweak the list to account for Philippine weather and the occasional travel to other countries.

A good must-have list actually prevents you from over-shopping.

Just this weekend, I almost bought another pullover. After my inventory, I found out that I have 13 pullovers and 15 cardigans! In the list, I really need only 2 of each.

See how it works?

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