P50 Make-Over: Pen Holders

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I was finally able to throw away the capless and barely writing pens in our pen holder. I went to the bookstore and replaced them with P5.00 retractable pens. It looks a lot neater now.



Computation: P5.00 x 10 pens = P50.00


Tina Rowe said...

I had about a dozen desk pen holders that had been given to me as gifts when I was in the business world. They weren't personal, just the obligatory official gift type thing. You know the kind: Marble or wood base, engraved plate and brass pen holder with a capless pen that never had ink.

I pried up the engraved plates and got other ones made for friends, with special little sayings on them. "Carol Donaldson--Best Flan Maker in the Cosmos." "Marco Garcia--King of Chili Verde." "Sandra Marker--One Heck of a Strong Woman!"

Then, I replaced the pens with better looking ones with caps. They don't fit tidy like the others, but they work, and everyone has loved their special gift because it has something personal on the engraved plate.

As for the pen and pencil containers you show in your photos--You inspired me to clean out the one I have on my desk. I don't use it really, but it's a momento. I'd rather have my pens in a drawer, and how many does one need anyway?

Great site, as I've mentioned before!

Tiffany said...

This before and after photo set is a scam, like one of those acne medication commercials where the "after" picture includes make up, spray-on-tan, and a Glamour Shots hairdo...the first photo contains a pink plastic-wrapped item, possibly a plastic spoon. ANY pens would look neater with that removed! Geesh. So much for truth in marketing.

Mrs. G said...

@Tiffany - I decluttered the pen holder. I took out items that shouldn't be there. Like a junk drawer, pen holders are magnets for clutter.

That spoon came with the mooncake box from the last mooncake festival. It shouldn't be there so I took it out. That's the whole idea behind the make-over.

I sure wish I could take glamour shots. My friend C hates my pictures.

P.S. Our pen holder still looks like that now :)

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