Bad Mothers Anonymous

Monday, October 13, 2008

Photo by Jennanana

Hey, Mommies!

Have you ever felt guilty for --

  • Not Breastfeeding (or stopping after your child turned 8)
  • Leaving the baby for 5 minutes so you can shower
  • Buying a dress that's worth 2 cans of baby formula (because you stopped breastfeeding)
  • All of the above and more

STOP FEELING GUILTY! You are not alone.

I recently discovered this site - Bad Mothers Anonymous - where mommies all over the world confess their deep dark secrets on motherhood. I bet you won't feel as guilty after reading their confessions.

Here are some of my favorites:
  • I have a 6 and 7 year old and since they don't know where babies come from I use it to my advantage when they are getting out of hand I tell them that I'm going to take them back to Target to get some other children. I know it's wrong but it works.
  • My hubby and I bought our son some candy at Godiva Chocolatiars. When he fell asleep that night and I carried him to bed I found the candy bar laying there and ate it. The next day or so he ask about it and I gave him a regular chocolate bar wrapped in the other ones wrapper....couldn't help myself it was SOOOO good.
  • When My son was little he was a biter, I got sick of it and finally bit him back! I didn't break skin or anything, but it actually worked. My daughter is a biter now, I mean HARD, I haven't bitten her yet, but I've been tempted to just throw her when she bites into my shoulder during a fit.
What's your bad mommy secret?


Mrs. P said...

Baby #4 fell from the bed in the middle of the night because I fell asleep. No one knew about it and I didn't tell anyone that he fell...

Melody said...

I find it hard to let my son drink his medicine whenever he is sick. So when he got sick I bought a syringe to frighten him. I told him if he will not drink the medicine, I will just inject to him. :(

Mandy said...

Love those. Especially the one about Target! I will definitely have to check that site out!

Gem said...

I have a lot of bad mommy attitudes - some of these I don't remember vividly, and I think I need some serious spanking!

I've done corporal punishment already - this is not recommended by many child psychologists. I guess this makes me really bad.

artsyfartsyfooladi said...

Ugg..think I'm too ashamed to post a bad mommy moment. LOL Nothing traumatizing though...

Dyes said...

i definitely have bad mommy moments but i cant tell you right now bec i am not commenting anonymously hehehe

hillpopandme said...

i sleep through my two month old daughters fussy semi-cries. she falls asleep eventually. hehehe. may matching tawa pah.

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