"C" Sees: Her True Value Finds

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Two weeks ago, I dragged "C" to True Value in Power Plant, Rockwell. I, while shopping for lights, was blissfully unaware that "C" was dying of boredom in the CFL section. When I asked her if it's okay for us to go around and browse the tools section, she gave me an emphatic NO.

Yesterday was different. As I aimlessly browsed the True Value aisles, "C" entertained herself with some of the "interesting" items near the counter. Inspecting her finds, we were giggling like school girls as we read the labels. *hihihi*


This was "C"'s first find. I saw her laughing her ass off while holding this jar with a cow label. I first thought it was underarm cream. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was an UDDER CREAM! The intense giggling then started. "Cream for you significant UDDER!" "Not only for the lips but also for the nips." "Oh! AAP (our breastfeeding friend) will love this!"

Seriously, check out the website of UDDERLY SMOOTH. I think it's a great product once you get past the UDDER.

NO. 2: "PERSONAL" Massager

We just couldn't resist taking a picture of this contraption. It claims to be a personal massager. With that shape, I'm sure it will really be a "personal" experience. Grab it now! It's 20% off.

Check it out in the Walgreen website -- HEALTH O METER Personal Massager. Read the reviews of the customers. See the udder other uses for the massager.


monk said...

True Value has taken DIY to another level.

"C" said...

Bwahahahahaha! Yes, Mrs. G.! True Value really gave "true value" for laughs. See? I managed to entertain myself there.

Mr. Q said...

"Cream for your significant udder?!?!" Hahahahaha. Why haven't I seen this before? I hang around a lot at those huge department store hardware chains! I haven't been looking at the right places!

Mrs. AA-P (de facto) said...

Dangnabbit! and I just did the groceries today!

Next week, I know where my first stop will be.

Udder creams, here I come!

Please use the correct name,
Mrs. AA-P (de facto)

Mrs. G said...

@Mrs. AA-P (de facto) - Sorry for the name. I just found out this afternoon who the real AAP is. I swear, the thought of him breastfeeding is punishment enough.

Batibut said...

Now how come we didn't see anything as interesting when we were shopping for your condo's kitchen?!?!?!

kaoko said...

So, did you buy? *LOL*

carlamaldita said...


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