Holiday Preparations: Gift Wrapping Station

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Too early? It's never too early. Martha Stewart is already telling her viewers to prepare for the holidays! She has started making cards, decoration and other trinkets.

I think I will start with organizing my GIFT WRAPPING STATION.

Do you know where your gift wrappers from last year are? Where do you keep them?

Photo courtesy of Real Simple

If you are like Candy Spelling (wife of Aaron Spelling and mother of Tori Spelling), they are probably in your own GIFT WRAPPING ROOM. Yes, a room just for wrapping gifts.

Photo courtesy of Babble

I, a mere mortal, will have to make do with my own portable gift wrapping station. It's just a bag that holds my wrappers and tools. Perfect for our small apartment.

I bought this for P995 in MakeRoom, Rockwell (Dec. 2006). I saw the exact same bag in True Value last week for less than P700.

Here are some helpful links:
1. From REAL SIMPLE, Creat a Gift Wrapping Station
2. From UNCLUTTERER, Organizing Gift Wrapping Supplies

The organizer featured in Unclutterer is available in MakeRoom.


Yen said...

Whoa!! Mrs. G!!! I was at the Rockwell urban bazaar today and the only booths I was really interested in were shop curio ( and storage experts ( The latter especially (only!) for their gift wrapper organize for P600! The perfect gift for my sister and mom!! :-)

I'm terrible at wrapping gifts so I don't attempt to do it myself. But I love the gift wrapper organizer so much I think I'll get one na lang din for myself :p

Mrs. G said...

@Yen - You're right. I just got home from the bazaar. The stuff in Storage Experts are so nice. Perfect for Xmas gifts.

Lindy said...

Hi Mrs.G, this post made me smile because I bought the exact same gift wrapping storage bag from Rustan's Shang last July after we moved to Greenhills (we're practically neighbors di ba?). I bought it with a gift cheque that I got as honorarium for speaking at some seminar. I thought it was a gift cheque well spent =). Oh, and I have a cleaning update for you: I found an old vacuum cleaner which I've started using as per your household cleaning suggestion and it has made life easier for our helpers. I'm saving up to get a new one, hopefully sooner than later. Keep those tips coming!

aec said...

Thanks for this post. I just bought some 100 sheets of wrapping paper in divi. I need to organize it. :) -Mandy from n@w

Mrs. G said...

@aec - Did you also buy ribbons? Where can I buy cheap ribbons in Divisoria?

Anonymous said...

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