Chocolatiest Test

Friday, August 22, 2008

My husband believes in rapid nutrient replacement after a workout. I have no problem with this since studies show that a person must consume carbohydrates within 15 minutes after a workout to help restore glycogen. My problem is his choice of carbohydrates, KRISPY KREMES.

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I have to give him another option! But where will I find a healthy alternative to Krispy Kremes? It must be as yummy as doughnuts.

Compared to children, husbands are harder to feed healthy meals. You can't just give them "the mommy look of terror".
Fortunately, after some research, I found the perfect after workout snack...


According to WebMD:

In the study, nine male cyclists rode until their muscles were depleted of energy, then rested four hours and biked again until exhaustion. During the rest period, the cyclists drank low-fat chocolate milk, Gatorade, or Endurox R4. During a second round of exercise, the cyclists who drank the chocolate milk were able to bike about 50% longer than those who drank Endurox, and about as long as those who drank the Gatorade.
Problem solved? Not really.

My husband would only drink CHOCO-VIM but that drink was discontinued decades ago. The only trace the good ol' drink is this bottle being sold on eBay.

If there's a will, there's a way.

I hope one of these tastes like Choco-Vim.

Anyone out there who can still remember how that chocolate drink tastes like? Please send me your suggestions.


monk said...

It had a hint of dark chocolate, much like the cocoa tablets of Antonio Pue.

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