Sunday, August 17, 2008

I am talking about ORGANIZING BY COLOR, not the MMDA "number coding scheme".

Do you color-code at home? It's a great way to arrange stuff around the house. I have to warn you though that it can be addicting.

Here are some examples of my color-coding efforts:

1. Books: The bookshelf doesn't look as cluttered, right? It's very pleasing to the eyes. However, make sure you ask your significant other first before color-coding your conjugal books. I decided to surprise my husband and he almost had a heart attack when he saw his Henry Kissinger books separated. (They were 4 different colors!)

Click here to see larger picture
(Pictures by B.Q.)

That is MM's bookshelf in the picture. I arranged it while she was in the shower but this time I asked her permission first (
friends may not be as forgiving as husbands). She was happy with the results but it took awhile before she got used to the fact that her books are no longer arranged by genre.

2. Clothes: When there is nothing good on cable and you don't want to go to yoga class, I suggest you try color-coding your clothes. It makes your cabinet look so neat. Just remember to use the same type of hangers for maximum neatness effect.

(Sorry. No pictures. My husband is in the room. I can't sneak in to take a pic.)

3. Dinnerware: I'm not really color-coding here because everything is white. I deliberately chose an all white scheme for our dinnerware because I am bad at matching colors.

Click here to see larger picture
(Pictures by BagLove)

Share your color-coding stories. Again, no Bayani or MMDA related stories please :)


Yen said...

in my (my parent's) house in cebu, our household helpers arranged the dvds by color. hahaha. :-)

Mrs. G said...

@yen - Crazy Organizing Story No. 2 (Your story is No. 1): My friend's secretary arranged her court files by type of paper -- short bond, long bond and onion skin.

MM said...

Thanks to mrs.g, arranging my books after dusting them is faster (It used to take the whole afternoon!). I used to employ a different sorting category every after dusting, i.e. by genre, by author, by date of publication, by title, by personal rating. Now, all I do is look at the spine color and dusting is done in 15 minutes!

Sarah Falcone said...

I need this to decluttering sobraa! Added you to my blogroll..

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