Essential Tools: The Labeler

Monday, August 4, 2008

Photo from WhereAreTheJoneses

Remember your childhood Dymo? Didn't you just want to label everything? Your books, your pencil case, your lunch box, the TV, the refrigerator... your brother.

The labelers now are much more sophisticated but like the bicycle, they pretty much still work the same way as the original.

What kind of labeler do you use?

• Label Maker. This is No. 5 in Martha Stewart's "Essential Homekeeping Tools".

• Sticker & Pen. Very handy. No need for expensive tape refills. Good for identifying chargers, adapters and cables.

• Masking Tape & Permanent Marker. Every household has a tape and a marker. Turn it into an instant labeler.

• White Board Marker. Perfect for temporarily labeling glossy surfaces. Try it with your freezer bags and plastic containers. It washes off the plastic so you can reuse the container.

• Computer Print-outs (with clear tape or sticker paper). Print-out neat and clear labels. Very flexible -- you can choose your own font and design.

• Post-its. It sticks to everything and can be taken off anytime. It's very cheap too!


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