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Friday, August 29, 2008

28 August 2008

I placed my ordered at 3:36 PM.

The delivery guy arrived in our condo in less than 30 minutes. Good.

He spilled the drinks and had to go back. He also did not leave the fries I ordered. Bad.

The delivery guy was back in less than 15 mins. Good.

I discovered that my Yum Burgrrr had no beef patty. Bad.

The replacement burger arrived at 5:15 PM. Very bad.

They refused to honor their 30 minute guarantee. Very, very bad.

They picked the wrong customer to mess with. Not today. Not me.

Jollibee guarantees that you will get your order within 30 minutes. If they fail to deliver on time, they will give you a P200 gift certificate. In my case, since their delivery guy arrived at the lobby of our condo within the prescribed time, the manager said that I am not entitled to the P200 gift certificate. She offered me two peach mango pies instead.


The guarantee is for THE ORDER and not the driver.

I can forgive the spilled drinks but I really insisted on the gift certificate when I found out that they delivered other orders first before bringing me my replacement burger. They thought the 30-minute time limit no longer applies in my case since their rider was on time the first time.

My position was that they were already in default when the delivery guy failed to deliver the drinks and the fries. They just aggravated the situation by delaying the delivery of the replacement burger.

To cut a long story short, I got the gift certificates and 2 peach mango pies.

Want a Jollibee treat?


Anonymous said...

Mrs. G,

Did i ever tell you about how i ordered a "flying saucer" from one of the stalls from the cafeteria and it didn't have any ham and cheese inside? I was almost 2/3 done when i realized that i was only eating bread? Syempre, halos wala na yung evidence kaya yun...di ko na mapalitan. What does that teach us? Check before you bite!!! harharhar!

Mrs. G said...

@Anonymous - I will never forget that day!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

Ria said...

OMG I never thought this would be possible!!! Not just the guarantee screw-up, but forgetting the patty??? hmmmm....

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