Ultimate Yaya Accessory: Cash Card

Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Yaya, can you buy 5 kilos of Wagyu beef on your way home? Just use your card."

I wake up. End of dream sequence.
Seriously, a yaya (nanny) cash card may prove to be heaven sent to busy moms.

My very pregnant friend almost passed out in the supermarket a few weeks ago. She did not feel well but needed to buy some things for her kids. She had to use her credit card and therefore could not delegate the grocery shopping to her maid.

Why not give yaya her own card so she can do the shopping for you? She and the driver can even gas up on the way home. Wouldn't that be lovely?

I'm not kidding. You just load the card an amount enough for emergency shopping trips. Enroll it in your online account so you can easily keep track of how it is being used. You can reload it online too.

Easy, right?


Anonymous said...

Mrs. G! I would love too but BPI has the suckiest(?!) teller service in the world...Would you know any other bank that has this?!

Anonymous said...

Finally, a BPI product that works!

The cashcard is a godsend for us. Both of our house angels have one and take turns going to the grocery. It works for us because we get to keep our purchases within the prescribed budget (no last minute splurges on junk food hehe) and more importantly, gives us an extra 2 hours of free time. =)

Mrs. G said...

@anonymous - Try Banco de Oro. Most of their branches are open 7 days a week, during mall hours.

@mommy banker - You're right! I bet your house angels don't get tempted by sale items not on their shopping list.

Mrs. G said...

@anonymous - I know now what you mean! Their customer service sucks. Aaaarghh! If I'm a busy mom I would have exploded by now. They're wasting my time. (I'm writing this while I'm on hold in 89-100.)

MM said...

Save more time by simply enrolling your debit cards in online banking. This way, you get to avoid sucky teller service and save more time. bpiexpressonline.com has not caused me any great grief so far. From account opening to bills payment and fund replenishment, i never had to see a single teller. I opened accounts online and replenish funds by using ATMs. BDO has a debit card service, but don't make the mistake of using their online banking. I used myBDO to pay some utilities, my online payments were not timely credited which led me to sucky teller service of the bank AND the utility company!!!

Mrs. G said...

@MM - True. I love the BPI online banking. Even their 89-100 agents are really nice. I have no problems with my present branch except for the snooty manager. She's the reason why I had to call 89-100. Grrr...

Anonymous said...

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