I LOVE: The Electrolux Ultrasilencer

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

BagLove just posted a video of her current obsession, the Prada Trembled Blossom bag. I love the bag too but I'm coveting another item now. (hint, hint, *ehem*, *ehem*, christmas gift)

Behold, the world's most silent vacuum cleaner!

Click and zoom in the picture to see how beautiful it is.

My husband already bought me an UltraSilencer but it's orange -- the only color available in the Philippines. (Thanks, Honey!)

Why I love my UltraSilencer:

  1. It is truly the world's most silent vacuum cleaner. I can watch TV while vacuuming our room.
  2. It has a washable hepa-filter. My husband is allergic to dust. Hepa-filters help reduce asthma and allergy symptoms.
  3. It is powerful. Mrs. P advised me not to buy a vacuum cleaner that is less than 1200W. The UltraSilencer has an adjustable power of 1400-1600W.
  4. It has cool attachments. On top of the brush and crevice tool, the UltraSilencer comes with a rotating duster attachment that uses static electricity to attract dust particles.
  5. It looks cool. But it will look a lot cooler in all-white.


Ibyang said...

that's cool---ultrasilencer :)

Mrs. G said...

@Ibyang - Yeah! Sounds like something James Bond would use.

Bing said...

okay, i'm buying one on saturday. where do i get one?

this blog is a shopping guide!

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