Sexification and Beautification: Soup Diet

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Last night, Ate S and I made a big batch of Toni's fat-burning soup. (Check out the complete recipe and step-by-step pictures in

To be honest, the diced green vegetables with the tomato juice did not look appetizing at first. What was I thinking? I already spent P300 for the ingredients and I there I was having second thoughts about the the whole soup diet thing.

I watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition while Ate S took over the cooking. After the show, still teary eyed (I always cry after watching that show), I went to the kitchen to check up on the soup.

Ate S and M were grinning. They were so sure that I will not eat the vegetable soup. I was nervous. I asked them if they wanted to eat soup with me but they shook their heads. Bah! They'll see. O ye, of little faith!

Well, I showed them. I ended up eating 3 BOWLS of soup that night. It was really good, something I'll eat even if I'm not on a diet.

My diet officially starts today and will end Wednesday next week. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Please note that the soup is the ONLY thing you can eat. It's supposed to replace the actual meal. Was that all you ate?

Mrs. G said...

@anonymous - Are you crazy? I'm trying to lose weight, not die. I just bought mini-monays. I'm planning to put cheese on it and recreate my favorite pot-pot from U.P. I'm eating it with my soup :)

BagLove said...

Sigh. I think the modifications spell death for this diet...

Mrs. G said...

@baglove - I just lost 2.5 lbs. Tsk... Tsk... Trust the soup!

julie said...

What were the effects after taking this soup?

I have the page bookmarked but I haven't started yet.

Mrs. G said...

@Julie - My thoughts on the soup:

1. It tastes good. - I didn't feel deprived. It is something I'll eat even if I'm not on a diet.

2. It makes one gassy. - Good test of unconditional love.

3. I lost 2.5 lbs. on the 6th day. - I was cheating by eating from my husband's plate. We even ate out several times. The soup makes me feel full so I can only take in a few bites of real food.

4. I was glowing after. - This may be just my imagination but Toni said this is a natural effect of detoxification.

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