Clutter Diet: 5 Questions Before Buying

Thursday, September 11, 2008

From Lorrie Morrero, my organizing guru:

I am so excited to share with you our new free "Wallet Reminder Sleeves!" They help you prevent clutter from coming in your door with a reminder of the five questions you should always ask before purchasing.
Which reminds me...

Photo by Donovan Govan.

I want to bake a pound cake but the recipe requires a mixer, a gadget I never considered buying before. Should I buy one?

THE 5 Ws OF SHOPPING: Lorie Morrero's 5 Questions Before Buying

1. Who owns this already and might share it with me?

I think Teacher Jam has one but she just gave birth and I don't want to bother her. Mrs. P lives too far. Maybe C has one at home.

2. What do I already have that is like this?

I have a whisk, a spatula, and a wooden spoon.

3. Where will it be stored?

I might have to give up a few plastic containers to make room for this.

4. When will I have time to use it and maintain it?

This will all depend on the success of my pound cake. My sister said that a mixer is a good investment and that it can last a lifetime. Oh, I bet it will since I am going to use it only once.

5. Why do I want to buy this?

I want to bake my own cake since I find the Sara Lee pound cake too expensive.

So, do you think I should buy a mixer?

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Yen said...

I'd say get one. :-)I'm pretty sure after you start making your own pound cake, you'll start baking other stuff- cookies, etc. :-)

A mixer doesn't take too much space and isn't very expensive. :-)

good luck with the pound cake! :-)

C See said...

The pound cake you will make from scratch with the mixer will end up several thousand pesos more expensive than the pound cake from Sara Lee. Do the math.

Mixer cost/No. of pound cakes made using the mixer

Mrs. P said...

You should get one :) you might discover that you have a talent in baking. It's not too much of an investment because it's not that expensive... even if you buy one of the better brands. It's also very handy to have in the house.

toni said...

Those 5 questions make sense! I hope I remember them when I'm on the verge of an impulse buy!

Mrs. G said...

@Toni - I wish I knew this before I bought an extra scanner, my espresso maker and my new craft punch set. Well, I'm wiser now... I hope. LOL!

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