Holiday Planning: Christmas Notebook (Week 2)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Holiday Tasks for the Week (7 to 13 September):
[See Week 1]

1. Start Your Christmas Notebook

  • It may be a regular notebook, an accordion file or a clear book.
  • Insert/paste your Master Gift List and Holiday Budget
  • Make room for other stuff like calendars, pictures and more lists.
2. Make a Christmas Countdown Calendar
  • Take note of the bazaars this holiday season.
  • Schedule shopping trips.
  • In a few weeks, you will start to calendar Christmas parties and reunions. Avoid double-booking.
3. Create a Mood Board
  • Choose a Christmas theme for this year.
  • Start a set of tear files. Clip ideas from magazines. Print out pictures and articles from the web.
4. Inventory Crafts Items
  • Do you still have hundreds of those gold gift wrappers?
  • Tapes, tissue paper, cutting board, cutter, scissors, etc.
5. Make a Shopping List
  • Base your shopping list on your gift list and budget.
  • Decide whether you will make or buy the gifts.
Note: I'm following the holiday planning schedule of Cynthia Townley Ewer. Check out her website -- Organized Christmas


Mrs. G said...

I already made my list and set my budget. I also went to my first bazaar yesterday.

It's now time to update my Christmas notebook.

Mrs. G said...

1. My Christmas Clear Book - It know contains my master gift list with budget and all the flyers I got from the bazaar.

2. I already started with my calendar. I even made a bazaar schedule for my shopping trips.

3. I started saving pictures of Christmas themes. I am also on the look out for the perfect tree.

4. The maid lost my new black shorts. Instant home inventory!

5. I now have and idea list.

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