Cleaning: Seven Wonders of the Home

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

These are the seven cleaning products that I cannot live without.

1. Vinegar

*Mild Bleaching

Bathroom: Vinegar eliminates soap scums and softens mineral deposits in faucets.
Laundry: When added to the first rinse, it cuts grease, softens the water, and whitens fabric. You can also use vinegar to colorfast clothes.
All-around: Mix it in a bucket of water with a few drops of tea tree oil and you have an instant floor cleaner. 1 part vinegar and 1 part water makes an excellent window cleaner.
Deodorizer: Boil half a cup of vinegar in a pot of water. It will absorb all the bad smell in the kitchen. You can also just leave a dish of vinegar in a musty room and drawer.

2. Baking Soda

*Stain Removal

Miracle Mix: Vinegar and Baking Soda
Kitchen: Leave a small box in the refrigerator and freezer to keep it odor free.
All-around: It provides gentle yet effective scrubbing power. Mix it with dishwashing liquid to scour toilet bowls and tiles.

3. Dishwashing Liquid

*All-purpose Cleaner

Don't be fooled by the name. You can use dishwashing liquid to clean almost anything in your house. Just don't forget to rinse.

4. Erasing Pad (Melamine Foam)


Ideal for sinks, bathtubs, ceramic tiles, windows, microwave, refrigerator, computer (my MacBook), electrical appliances, furniture.

We unfortunately used flat paint on our walls and this pad is the only thing that can safely clean it.

5. MC All-Purpose Cleaner

*Dirt and Grease Remover

If it won't come off with water or dishwashing liquid, use MC.

6. Goo Gone

*Goo Remover

It removes grease, gum, stickers, crayon, tape and all kinds of goo. Say goodbye to annoying price stickers.

7. Kitchen Paper Towel


Use it to dry hands, wipe surfaces, remove dust, and clean spills. It is disposable and germ-free.


JMom said...

I don't like to clean much, but I do like having a clean house :) So I try to maintain the cleanliness so I won't have to do major cleaning often. I use baking soda a lot to get tough stains out without having to resort to more abrasive cleaners. It's also great for getting your pots shiny and squeaky clean.

Mrs. G said...

@jmom - You visited my blog! I'm a fan of your recipes :) I just printed out your pork tocino recipe yesterday.

Batibut said...

do i have to comment on cleansers today?

starch wars! starch wars! starch wars!

kouji said...

i'm a big fan of mc and kitchen towels myself. and the occasional bottle of alcohol, when all the other good stuff runs out. :) oh, and large black trash bags. :)

MM said...

Mrs G,

Is there a vinegar substitute? I want to make the same cleaning products without the image and smell of datu puti in my head. Thanks!

Mrs. G said...

@MM - Don't worry about the smell. It fades away after a few minutes. Promise!

Garando said...

Great blog Mrs. G! I didn't know vinegar had other uses besides cooking. :)

I use "SPOTLESS" universal cleaning paste, it probably works like MC and GOO combined. Have you tried that?
It works really well for removing stains in my bathroom.

Mrs. G said...

@Garando - Vinegar also removes bad odors. Try boiling a 1/2 cup of vinegar in a pot of water. Bad kitchen will instantly disappear.

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