How to Fold T-Shirts

Monday, September 22, 2008

Compare this t-shirt stack to the photo in my post yesterday.

It's driving me crazy! I want my pile to line up perfectly. Aaaarggghhh...

What's a SAHW to do? Well, I spent the whole morning searching for a video on how to perfectly fold shirts.

Here are the results of my research.

First, there are obsessive-compulsive folders out there. Most of them used to work in GAP. (Remember Reality Bites?) There's this guy who automatically folds messy shirts in stores when he goes shopping. Read the article here.

Second, there is a magical way of folding shirts. I first found a YouTube clip demonstrating the technique but the woman in the video spoke Japanese. Luckily, Martha Stewart has an English version. See the video here.

(But the boys might find this video more interesting.)

Third, there are gadgets out there for folding t-shirts. My favorite is FlipFOLD. If you're planning to give me one for Christmas, I want the green one. If you like crafts, you can make me one. See the instructions here.

Fourth, aside from the GAP fold, there is also a Disney fold. Read the article here.

Fifth, although there are tons of posts on the GAP way of folding t-shirts, there is not one instructional video on how to do it
(although there is a video on folding jeans). I heard they use plastic boards when they fold. One woman suggests using a chopping board as a guide. Please help me find a video.

That's it. Happy folding.

How do you fold your shirts?


C said...

You can buy that board. Some travel stores have it with the packing cubes.

kouji said...

no idea how to fold shirts actually. which is why i'm thankful for people willing to do the research and heavy lifting. :)

Sarah Falcone said...

never will I learn how to do te folding..poor me! Thanks to my OC mom and yaya who does it very good! Sobrang good na kahit maliit ang dresser napag kakasya lahat ng shirts :O

Mrs. G said...

@Kouji and Sarah - I actually want to apprentice in GAP just so I can learn to fold "The GAP Way".

padlockposer said...

haha, champion yung style na yun a. i normally fold it horizontally first, then do the sides. not as fast nor as neat as the one in the martha stewart (or the bursting-out-of-bikini-top) video.

Mrs. G said...

@padlockposer - I knew that you would like the video. *wink*

Anonymous said...

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