Space and Clutter

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I grew up in a family of pack-rats. My grandmother held on to everything -- M.Y. San and Danish butter cookie tin cans, empty jars of mayonnaise, ketchup bottles, old bicycles, unused and broken appliances, outdated clothes... you get the idea.

Photo from the Anxiety and Stress Disorders Institute of Maryland

I can still remember her carefully removing the labels and sterilizing the bottles before keeping them. She stored her loot in an orderly fashion, much like how Wall*E did in the movie. However, as years passed and her collection grew, her backyard started to look like a junk shop. I once saw giant rats hiding behind old bottles of Coke and Magnolia Chocolait. Eeek!

While reading this month's issue of Yes! Magazine, the featured celebrity housewife reminded me of my lola. The pretty wife/host confessed that she does not throw anything. She's not kidding! She was able to fill their 110 sqm. master's bedroom (almost as big as our whole apartment) with rows of boxes and knick-knacks. She and her husband now have 4 container vans parked in a vacant lot out of the city to store things that they can no longer fit in their basement. Beat that!

This got me thinking. I always thought that our house would look less cluttered if we had more storage space. After seeing the cluttered bedroom of the said celebrity, I realized that clutter has nothing to do with space, but everything to do with purging. I just need to be vigilant about throwing or giving away things we no longer use. Better yet, I have to learn not to bring into our home more stuff.

This is easier said than done, especially since I am very sentimental. It's a daily struggle. Sigh...


Mommy Ruby said...

Hello Mrs. G! Thanks for the visit. By the way, I think we are talking about the same blogger. I wish he gets his karma soon.

Mommy Ruby

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kouji said...

ah. m.y. san tins. that phrase brings back memories. :)

and it's true. sometimes sentimental thoughts make unloading old stuff that much more difficult.

witsandnuts said...

I like the new look of your blog. =)

Mrs. G said...

@witsandnuts - Thanks for noticing. You're the first one to comment on the new look :)

Tina Lewis Rowe-Colorado said...

Very nice blog! I'll come back often!

You would enjoy a post I wrote, and I think might even be able to use some of the material. (Although my online training journal has a slightly different focus overall.)

Feel free to use any of it, especially the quotes in green letters, that you will get a kick out of, I'm sure! (Hmmmm...I hope putting this URL in will work right.)

Mamee Jhy aka Mamee Closet said...

are you referring to lucy torres gomez' house?

it's hard to throw away things w/ sentimental value kasi

Mrs. G said...

@mamee jhy - Yes. I really admire her home management skills and how she handles her family life. To be honest, I'm also very sentimental and would probably hoard too if I had that much space :)

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