Grocery Shopping: As Good As It Gets

Thursday, September 4, 2008

2 behavioral problems I leave home when grocery shopping:


I want to be well-stocked for every national disaster imaginable. There is no harm in being ready, but my imagination can often times run wild. (After watching War of the Worlds with my husband, I asked him if he had an evacuation plan in case aliens invade planet earth, or for zombie and vampire attacks.)

Because of this, I tend to over-stock food. Just a few months ago, I had to throw a few dozen expired canned and bottled foods.


If I have to buy more than 1 thing of something, it must be an even number, usually 6.

I don't need 6 cans of green peas or 6 packs of noodles but I still buy 6. I cannot explain it. It just has to be an even number.


I made a list of the food staples that I store in the pantry and I limited myself to a certain number for each item . When grocery shopping, I only buy enough to replenish our stocks as opposed to buying 6 of everything.

Example: I can only store 14 cans of corned beef. At the end of the week, if we used 3 cans, Ate S will write down "Corned beef - 3 cans" in our grocery list. I then use all my will power to buy only 3 cans.

I still hoard groceries but I now have a system. We have provisions enough to feed 4 people for at least two weeks in case disaster strikes.


Anonymous said...

I have a similar obsessive-compulsiveness... i have to buy my grocery items in even numbers or in 5s!

Cher said...

omg im not alone, i also have the need for everything to be in odd/even numbers! i usually round off mg bank accounts :D

Mrs. G said...

@anonymous and cher - WE ARE NOT ALONE! We should form a support group. HAHAHA!

Mimi said...

We too have a healthy fear of being over prepared. People come to our house and remark that we ave so much food in our cupboards and fridge. There are only 2 of us, but we are ready for anything... and we really do have a zombie escape plan.

Mrs. G said...

@mimi - In case of a zombie attack, I'm planning to lock our doors. I will not share our food.

I'm now looking for a cheap escape ladder. The ones available are only up to 3 floors. I need a ladder 4 floors in height.

It will be up to us to repopulate the earth after the aliens attack. HAHAHA!

Mimi said...

we are lucky that we are high on the hill so we have the uphill advantage! Good to know there will be someone I can contact that won't be zombified too! lol

Cher said...

Ever since I started watching those movies (I Am Legend, Resident Evil, 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later) I suddenly get paranoid and get my "what ifs" attack :D

We should have a panic room installed maybe get some (like a whole cellar) guns and ammo too in the process! LOL

Now my latest worry is that if ever we survive alien and zombie attacks what about a predator like creature who can detect our body heat through walls?

Hmmm... maybe I should stock up some mud too y'all! :D

Cher said...

Mrs. G,

I know some cheap sturdy ladders for sale, will look for the numbers asap! (Must get ladders too!)

Mrs. G said...

@cher - Thanks! I'll do a post on ladders soon.

Anonymous said...

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