Adobo and the China Food Scare

Friday, September 26, 2008

I wanted to cook Marketman's Adobo, Gata at Sili for dinner tonight but I was worried about the canned coconut milk in our pantry. I remember the can having some Chinese writing so, to be safe, I decided to cook something else.

I won't be eating adobo tonight, but all is not lost. After learning that Marketman used coconut milk from Thailand, I immediately checked our pantry. Luckily, our coconut milk is also made in Thailand and not China as I first thought. Whew! It's going to be adobo for lunch tomorrow.

Ate S on the China Food Scare

The China food scare is making even Ate S nervous. When I handed her the coconut milk, she kept on asking if I was sure it was not made in China. I had to explain to her that the writings in the can are Thai and not Chinese. I also pointed to her the words "PRODUCT OF THAILAND".

I am trying to access the BFAD site for the partial list of products pulled out from the groceries but the site is down.
In the meantime, Ate S is removing the China-made products in our pantry.

UPDATE: I got the partial list from ABS-CBN News. Get it here.


caryn said...

heehee. your post made me check my supply too; thankfully, they're from thailand too ;-)

witsandnuts said...

Checked my pantry, too. Glad I'm in a safe level. =)

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