Recipe: Rib Eye Steak

Sunday, September 7, 2008

You don't win friends with salad.
- Homer Simpson

My husband is not a fan of vegetables. He believes that our evolution from apes to intelligent human beings was largely due to the fact that we eat meat. How can you argue with that?

Good thing steaks are so easy to cook. If you're in a hurry, you can cook them straight from the freezer (according to Mrs. P).

How To Make Rib Eye Steak

Ate S and M watch VideoJug instructionals with me.

Note: I cooked steak for lunch yesterday. I got it right on my first try. Hooray!


C said...

We can't just take your word for it. Taste test! Hehehe.

Mrs. P said...

How sure are you that you got it right? hahaha!! Steak may be cooked immediately after being taken out from the freezer to retain the juices of the meat...

padlockposer said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. G. Here in padlockville, there are soooo many vegetarians of various stripes. But they could never beat the evolutionary argument. Bone marrow pa nga yung latest theory. Where'd you get the steak?

Mrs. G said...

@padlockposer - Tenderbites, Unimart. People there are so friendly and helpful.

Batibut said...

You can't just eat steak... its great with vegetables. and i read somewhere that eating vegetables with steak helps you to digest the meat... so there! ;-P

Mrs. G said...

@batibut - I see that you're everywhere, you're omnivorous.

LOL! (I got that from Homer Simpson)

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