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Sunday, July 27, 2008

When we moved in our apartment, my husband brought with him around 8 years worth of credit card records. To give you an idea, the files go way back when Metrobank was still Solidbank. It instantly used up more than half of our drawer space. Argh! It drove me crazy.

My solution? Go paperless!

Tools for going paperless:

  1. Computer: A big hard drive is a must if you are planning to store the data in your computer. A 10-page PDF file takes around 2.5 MB of disk space.
  2. Scanner: Get a scanner that has a feeder. It will take you forever if you use a flatbed. Our HP 4255 automatically converts the file to PDF. If you scan 10 pages, it will create 1 PDF file with 10 pages.
  3. CD-writer: Our computer manages to crash every year so I make it a point to back-up our files. Remember, "JESUS SAVES".
  4. Paper-shredder: Bills are very personal. You don't want other people prying into your shopping habits for example. My husband suggested that we burn the files. Hello?!?! Clean Air Act. Save the earth. Shred it. (The shredded papers can be great bag stuffers. It absorbs moisture and helps maintain the shape of your bags.)
I now scan flyers and other documents that I want to throw away but might need at some other time.

Still not completely paperfree but definitely paperless.


Girl with Glasses said...

I like your amusing take on paperless v. paperfree.

Scanning stuff has been flitting in and out of my mind.I will definitely do it now.

Thanks for the inspiration Mrs. G

With much admiration,
Mrs. AA-P (de facto)

padlockposer said...

what you can do with shredded paper - turn it into compost. you can actually keep a tub of worms in your kitchen to chew up organic matter - paper included. it's called vermicomposting. then after the worms are done with it, fluff up the soil of your plants with it.

padlockposer said...

you can get started on vermicomposting by going to the manila seedling bank. they apparently have a starter kit available there, though i've yet to see it.

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