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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Advantages of Maintaining a Home Inventory

  1. It helps you determine the value of your belongings. The information in the inventory are useful, if not indispensable, if you are getting fire insurance or filling up your Statement of Assets and Liabilities.
  2. It makes getting replacement parts for your appliances easier. When you are buying a replacement part or calling for repair, one of the first things the store clerk asks for is the model number of your appliance. If you have that information ready in your home notebook, you don't have to repeatedly look for it at the back of your appliance. Try looking for the serial number and model number of you refrigerator now and you will know what I mean.
  3. Security reasons. If for some reason your appliance is fenced, knowing the serial number will help you prove that you own the thing.
Items in a Home Inventory:
  1. Item Type
  2. Brand
  3. Description
  4. Purchase Date
  5. Serial Number
  6. Model Number
  7. Purchasing Cost
You can include photos or videos in your inventory.

I keep two inventories, one for the appliances and another for the furnitures. To complement the inventory list, I keep a clear book with the picture, warranty card, manual and receipt of each item.

Storing Your Inventory.

Keep a copy of your inventory in a safe place. If possible, give a copy to a relative for safekeeping.


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