Printers and Ink Cartridges

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our printer obviously doesn't know which side his bread is buttered. He has this habit of running out of ink when my husband needs to print something important. A few months ago, my husband had to submit a document printed in blue ink because the black cartridge ran out. BLUE INK!

The same thing almost happened this morning. Luckily, I learned from the last time and had extra cartridges ready.

Do you know how long your inks last? I don't but I'll find out soon. (I hope not that soon)


Yen said...

Thanks for the reminder!! Need to keep extra ink on hand.

We use a Samsung printer that uses a toner (?). I think it's cheaper and lasts longer. The Husband likes using it.

But we have an hp as well since I like printing my documents with color. :-D

Next question. Is it okay to use ink cartridges that aren't the original ones. There are ink refill stations, diba? Are those okay?

Mrs. G said...

I tried refills twice but I went back to using original cartridges. The refills dry up while still half-full. I called the refill center and they asked me to dip the end of the cartridge in warm water. It worked but I had to keep on doing that every time I print. Too much trouble for me.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered investing in a Continuous Ink Supply System? Haven't tried it myself (since i hardly have had any need to print at home, hehe), but the reviews seem to be positive. A quick google reveals these two top distributor links: here and here. While the wiki entry seems to suggest that it's brand-specific the links state otherwise. ;-)

Mrs. G said...

My friend "Teacher J" uses one. I think she's very happy with it. Maybe I can ask her to do a guest post on continuous inks. I myself don't like it for the simple reason that it looks ugly. The ink is located outside the printer!

Mr. Q said...

Hey Mrs. G! Ran into this article over at Slate, and I remembered your post about printers. :-)

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