Shopping at the Ikea Showroom

Monday, July 28, 2008

I went with my friends "MM" and "B" to the Ikea Showroom in Makati last Saturday. I was "just supposed to look" but I couldn't resist buying plastic containers and another lamp.

I am Mrs. G and I am a plastic container addict.

The containers in the drawer with the sandwich bags, I use regularly.
The pictures on top are the ones I don't use. I have more but I don't want to take them out of my hiding place. Like an alcoholic who hides liquor around the house, I have plastic containers stashed in different cabinets.

I also like lamps. They light up my life! That is, if I get them to work or take them out of their container. I now only use 1 of the 4 lamps I bought from Ikea.

I need help.


Girl with Glasses said...

I also have those blue plastic bins. Very very useful!

Mrs. G, can you please post the store address where you found the IKEA stuff? Your adoring fans would like to know.

I await with bated breath for your next post.

With much admiration,
AA-P (de facto)

Mrs. G said...

To girl with glasses - I emailed to you the map. Have fun shopping!

ellesee99 said...

Mrs. G,

Please make a feature on how much the prices were at the Ikea showroom.

Are they comparable? Big price difference?


Mrs. G said...

According to "MM", who was in Ikea Singapore a few weeks ago, the prices are reasonable considering that you don't have to pay for shipping charges.

Batibut said...

Hi Mrs. G,

I am also a plastic addict...I even keep the plastic take away containers from CIBO and North Park. The noodle bowl from north park is the perfect size for bagels, which I use when I have to eat breakfast at work.

On another note, let me know when you go to IKEA next time. I'll go with you. I think theres one in Makati.

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