Home Repair Tool Kit

Monday, July 28, 2008

My friend "MM" bought a lamp at Ikea but could not assemble it because she did not have a Phillips-head screwdriver at home. Has this ever happened to you? If yes, it's about time that you get your own home repair tool kit.

I bought my pink tool set (see picture) at Robinson's D.I.Y. Center in Trinoma last year. Nice tool sets are available in True Value and Ace Hardware too.

If you want to shop on-line, check out these cute tool kits:
Apollo 135-pc. Tool Kit - Pink
Little Pink Tool Kit
"Home Chic Home" Tool Set ("MM", you will love this!)


Yen said...

This is so pretty!!!

I had tool kit/box in my list, but I made my husband take care of it. It's pretty complete and looks really "serious". If I'd seen this one, I'd have gotten one.

The Wifey Diaries said...

oh my! I so love it. Lemme show this to my hubby so he'd know na hindi lang ako ang mahilig sa ganitong tool kit!

laney said...

Hello! May I ask how much this cost you? My dad has a complete armory but now that I'm living by myself, nakikita ko na ung need for me to have things like this.

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