Make Your Bed in 30 Seconds

Friday, July 11, 2008

Skip the flat sheets and just use a duvet. In the morning, just arrange the pillows and the duvet. A perfectly made bed in 30 seconds or less guaranteed!

We tried to use a comforter before but it's too bulky and difficult to wash. Imagine storing 3 comforters in a small apartment. Plus it costs P150@ to have them professionally laundered. I gave them all away and just bought a duvet and duvet covers.

Check out the Ikea Quilt Covers. Nice designs and very affordable.

Our Bed Linens:

  1. Pillow Cases
  2. Fitted Sheet
  3. Bed Skirt
  4. Duvet
  5. Duvet Cover
  6. Mattress Protector*
We change the fitted sheet and pillow cases twice (2x) a week. The duvet cover is changed once a week.

*You can also buy pillow protectors.


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