Tips: Anti-Dengue

Saturday, July 26, 2008

This tip was sent to me by a friend/mrsgblog-fan who trained with the US Army.

If you are going camping and there are a lot of bugs, put dryer sheets in your pockets and around your tent. Do not use the fruity smelling kind. Bounce works best.
This is a great anti-dengue tip for children going on a field trip. I myself will do this the next time I have to eat al fresco in Bonifacio High Street. The last time I was there, my legs were riddled with mosquito bites!

I was able to ask my friend the following questions:

Q. When you say bugs, does that include Philippine mosquitoes?
A. Yes

Q. Will it work with used dryer sheets?
A. No. It must be unused.

Q. Will it work against tics?
A. No. We use dog tic collars for that.

Hmmm... Tic Collars? That is too "Man vs. Wild" for me. I'll stick to dryer sheets.


Anonymous said...

Hmm...let me try that on my kids during soccer practice. Thanks Mrs. G! Only problem now is to know whether or not their soccer shorts have pockets.

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