Laundry: Starch Wars Part II -- Glide

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I just found out that the maid in charge of ironing our clothes, including my husband's barongs, actually just uses GLIDE!

I know what you are thinking. How could I not have known? How dare me blog about the virtues of almirol when our maid was using Glide the whole time? (Read Starch Wars Part I)

This is what happend... I actually interviewed our cook... Wait! Let me explain. Ate "S" is now our cook but she used to be in charge of our clothes. She was the one who gave me the almirol recipe. The person in charge now, "M", was actually trained by Ate "S". However, "M" is prone to finding ways to shortcut her work, much to the distress of Ate "S".

You should have seen "M"'s eyes when I asked her how exactly she starches the barongs. She fearfully confessed that she skips the whole almirol bit and just sprays Glide to the barongs. I asked her how she makes it stiff and wrinkle free. She doesn't really know. I guess she just did it to cut her workload in half. Luckily for her, Glide works.

So there, it's either Niagara, Glide or Liwayway Gawgaw. I have a feeling that the Starch Wars are not yet over. What do you think?


Hailey said...

At least Glide is cheaper than Niagara. ;)

Cher said...

and at least i dont have to wait until the clothes are half dried for me to be able to iron them. I prefer this Glide actually but will reserve Liwayway for special clothes :D

Bing said...

mrs g,

i am a lawyer who frequently wears a barong. i read about GLIDE in your blog. if this is a cheaper alternative to starch spray, then my problem is solved.

do you have advise about alternatives to dry cleaning? magastos ang drycleaning eh.

timi boy's barber

timi's barber

Anonymous said...

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