Faking It: Bake Butter Cake

Sunday, July 27, 2008

My friend "J" inspired me to bake so I decided to make my very own homemade butter cake. The only problem is... Actually, there are two problems. First, I don't have a real oven. Second, I don't know how to cook or bake. But no worries! Undeterred by these minor issues, I went to the grocery (Unimart) to buy my ingredients.

I first looked for a baking pan. I was planning to use our toaster oven so I had to get a very small loaf pan. While browsing through the stacks of pans, I also chanced upon a small muffin pan. Perfect! I decided to make muffins too. With my loaf and muffin pans, I proceeded to the baking section.

Thank you Lord for ready cake-mixes! I decided to get the Maya Oven Toaster Butter Cake Mix and the Betty Crocker Corn Bread and Muffin Mix because they required the least number of ingredients.

How was the Butter Cake?

According to my friend "C", who was here to appreciate my creation, it was good. I can't exactly remember if she said good or okay but she ate two slices so I guess she liked it.

It was so easy to bake. It's impossible to mess it up. I realized 5 minutes after putting it in the oven that I chose the wrong oven toaster setting. I changed it and reset the clock. 5 minutes later, I changed it to another setting and reset the clock again. By this time, I was so sure that the cake will be a failure. After checking it with my barbecue stick (toothpicks are to short) a dozen of times, it finally came out of the oven perfectly baked. Surprise! Surprise!

I'm going to try the corn muffin in a few days. Wish me luck.


ellesee said...

I said it was good. Not so sure if my reaction was from hunger, stress and overwork or a combination of the three. Nonetheless, two thumbs up for using the picture I took. Hehehehe!

The butter cake, as with all butter cakes, was good! Not a good taste tester

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