How to Fold a Grocery Bag

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My friend, "Teacher J", taught me how to do this.

Step 1: Flatten the Plastic Bag.

Step 2: Fold the bag twice.
Step 3: Fold the bag into a triangle.

Step 4: Tuck the handles into the triangle.

VOILA! A neatly folded plastic bag!


Anonymous said...

Not to be an ass Mrs. G, but why do I need a neatly folded grocery bag?

I am sincerely asking.

PS: Also, be brave! Remove the comment moderation!

And I bet you you will not only have a lot of hits, but comments as well.

Mrs. G said...

@anonymous - We reuse our plastic bags. Since space is an issue in our apartment, it is important that the stuff we keep occupy the least amount of space. Keeping it neatly folded allows me to store more bags in my plastic bag bin.

Mrs. AA-P (de facto) said...

Mrs. G,

May I suggest that you use a draw-string tube bag.

You stuff all the the plastic bags in the drawstring bag (no need to fold!) and hang it upside down so you just pull the bags from the opening when needed.

Also, there is a plastic bag dispenser at Japan Home if you are interested.

Not so anonymous anymore,
Mrs. AA-P (de facto)

Ree said...

This is actually how we fold our grocery bags! My mom taught me this years and years ago. It's great for keeping the supots organized, and you can quickly sort through them by size.

Once, when my sister and my single cousins and I were sharing an apartment, I blew my top because they kept stuffing crumpled, unfolded plastic bags in our bag bag. I told them it only takes only 27seconds of their life to fold the bag properly--I actually timed myself. Hehe.

Great blog. Wish I were as organized as you :)

Mrs. G said...

@Ree - Hahaha! The same thing happened to me with our helpers.

As to being organized, I'm just lucky I have so much time.

The Wifey Diaries said...

ano ba yan!?!? i do this too. learned this from my mom who is a self-confessed OC. My helper here at home and my sisters-in-law have followed. What they do before kasi is just crumple the plastic bag and place it sa drawstring bag for plastics. When I came into the picture, na-amaze sila. haha

Mrs. G said...

@the wifey diaries - Let us spread the practice of folding grocery bags into triangles. I am thinking of doing a contest this month.

The Wifey Diaries said...

that's a great idea! keep me posted!

Anonymous said...

this is based from the way you fold the flag right?

we do this every time na pupunta kami sa grocery. hehehehe!

Lady Jojo said...

i learned this last year from my step mom...great help! indeed it is a space saver and it helps to keep things organized.

Lady Jojo said...

i learned this from my stepmom last helps really to be organized and mess and in just less than a minute, it's done!

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