Service Center Contact Numbers

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This forms part of my Home Notebook. I find the list very handy when:

  1. I have to replenish accessories like dust bags or air filters.
  2. I have to buy a replacement part.
  3. I need to have an appliance repaired or serviced.
I make sure that I am ready with my appliance's model number when I call. (See Home Inventory List)


Aiwa - 456-8888 / 843-1541
Asahi - 726-2629 /642-8437
Carrier, Kelvinator, Condura - 897-5555
Collins, Moulinex, Dowell, Krups - 681-6166
Elba - 714-6002 to 03
Electrolux, White Westinghouse - 825-9908 / 825-9909
G.E., Ariston, Indesit, Fabriano, Honeywell, Tank - 643-3456
Hanabishi - 287-2601
Hoover - 844-0223 / 24
Imarflex - 832-2175 (Makati Branch)
JVC - 882-2509 to 10
Kolin - 852-1531
Koppel - 823-7301
Kyowa - 242-1731/35
La Germania - 564-0425
LG - 640-2525
National Panasonic - 725-3540 or 725-3434
Philips - 845-7880
Pioneer - 852-0033
Polytron - 640-3090 to 93
Samsung - 722-7777
Sanyo - 839-0501
Sharp - 1-800-1-888-4952
Sony - 456-8888/455-3592-99
Standard - 523-8081
Union - 895-7735
Whirlpool - 732-7370
3D - 911-7016 loc. 82 or 83

Thank you to Abenson (754-3435) for most of the contact numbers.


Anonymous said...

the number for HANABISHI Service Center is out of service. Been wanting to get in touch with Hanabishi coz i need to have my industrial fan repaired.

Anonymous said...

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Dave Q said...

Do you know the Braun Service Center #? I have a busted blender. Thanks a lot.

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