Laundry: Stain Removal Guide

Monday, July 7, 2008

Here are two links to printable stain removal guides:

By Real Simple

By Martha Stewart

I like the Real Simple chart better because it tackles two types of bloods stains (fresh and dried). In Martha Stewart's chart, it is discussed under "Protein", with egg stains.

Unless you are menopausal, you will most likely encounter blood stains every month. In our house, we only deal with two types of stains: blood and chocolate.


Your friend "G" said...

Mrs. G... can't find anything on how to remove stains or color transfers from dark colored jeans to fabric upholstery and bags! Any ideas? Thanks!

Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing these. My friend and I have a laundry service from our homes, and run across tons of stains. I came across a trick with the OxiClean to cut down on the lengthy soaking period. Take the OxiClean powder, add just enough boiling water to make it a paste consistency. Apply the mix to the stain area and then toss into the washing machine.
Philadelphia Laundry Care

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